Internal Medicine Stage 2 (IM Stage 2)

(Formally General Internal Medicine.)

Key Contacts 

Training Programme Director for  IM Stage 2 Dr Emma Thomas (Based at Royal Cornwall Hospital) and Dr Jonathan Hacon (Based at Torbay Hospital)

(Interim) Head of School of Medicine: Dr Kathy Woolson

Deputy Dean for Medicine: Dr Jon Francis

Education programme Manager: Naomi Mallinson


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First point of contact for GIM trainees at a local level

Dr vacant - Exeter

Dr vacant - Plymouth

Dr Jareer Raza - Barnstaple

Dr Katie Wallace - Cornwall

Dr Helen Harris - Torbay 


Health Education South West (Peninsula) supervises all postgraduate medical specialist training in the Devon and Cornwall region for IM stage 2.

Information about the Specialty

NHS England,  South West dual accredits all of its acute specialties with IM Stage 2.

We are also piloting a single accrediting programme in General Internal Medicine, currently based at the University Hospitals Plymouth,  this programme is 36 months and requires IMT3 level core competencies to gain entry to the programme. 

Triple accreditation with Group1 Specialty, IM Stage 2 & ICM

As Internal Medicine stage 2 will be fully incorporated into the associated Group 1 medical specialty curriculums from August 2022, trainees that successfully complete the triple CCT training programme will gain a CCT in Intensive Care Medicine, Internal Medicine and their chosen medical specialty. The medical specialties that are currently supported by this programme are Acute Internal Medicine, Renal Medicine and Respiratory Medicine. The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine has submitted an amendment to its 2021 curriculum so that it references the new triple CCT programmes. 


Group 1 Specialties with IM stage 2 (G(I)M)

Acute Medicine


Endocrinology & Diabetes Mellitus


Geriatric Medicine


Palliative medicine


Renal Medicine

Respiratory Medicine



Annual Assessment Information

Trainees undertaking Higher Specialist Training are required to have an annual assessment (ARCP). Details of these assessments can be found within the assessment pages. By clicking on the your specialty you will find the requirements for your assessment. The checklists are by no means exhaustive and it is advised that you communicate with your Training Programme Director or Educational Supervisor for more detailed requirement information once you have been scheduled for an assessment Please use these checklists as a guide when preparing for your assessment. Its is your responsibility to check what is expected of you and prepare accordingly. The JRCPTB website is an invaluable source of assessment information.

The Training Hospitals

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Torbay Hospital (South Devon Healthcare Trust)

Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust

North Devon Healthcare Trust

Related sites

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                        IM Stage 2 (G(I)M) (open to IMT3 Drs in Training) Regional Training Days 2023/24



 27th September 2023  

Yeovil Hospital

8th November 2023

Bristol Royal Infirmary (Face to Face only)  

30th November 2023

Torbay Hospital 2pm - 5pm only ( face to face & Online)

13th December 2023

Cheltenham & Gloucester  (online only)

26th January 2024

North Bristol (virtual or Face to Face TBC)

9th February 2024 


7th March 2024


17th April 2024

Exeter - Virtual training