Key Contacts 

Training Programme Directors for Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus: Dr Christopher Redford and Dr Nidhi Choudhary

Head of School of Medicine: Dr Kathy Woolson

Deputy Dean for Medicine: Dr Jon Francis

Education programme Manager: Naomi Mallinson


NHS England, South West (Peninsula) supervises all postgraduate medical specialist training in the Devon and Cornwall region for Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus.

Information about the Specialty

Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus dual accredits with Internal Medicine stage 2 (IM Stage 2) was General Internal Medicine.

Thinking about diabetes and endocrinology as a career? Our specialty has always had a strong academic emphasis and this is exemplified by the consultants in the South-West and the training opportunities we provide.

We have a small, friendly cohort of specialist trainees supported by a cohesive consultant group with strong research and clinical ties between the four centres. We’re friendly and our trainees are on first name terms with their consultants.

Clinically we provide training in core endocrine and diabetes training but in addition we have excellent training opportunities in:

  • The DAFNE programme, with medical accreditation
  • Insulin pump therapy including group starts
  • Genetics of Diabetes and pharmacogenetics of treatment
  • Management of morbid obesity, inc pre and post-surgery
  • Specialist services for rare conditions (eg PKU, CAH, Alstrom’s syndrome)
  • Specialist medical vascular services
  • Thyroid eye disease
  • Adolescent and paediatric diabetes and endocrine experience
  • Medical education as a career
  • NHS management for clinicians

Our links with the medical school are as strong and we support and encourage those seeking academic teaching careers where there are real opportunities in the new medical school. For those interested in research, we are members of the Diabetes Clinical Research Network, and recipients of a PenClarc grant, with all the opportunities for clinical research that brings. Professor Andrew Hattersley has developed a hugely successful molecular genetics team in Exeter and has taken many trainees through successful PhDs and MDs and onto academic careers in their own right, Prof Jon Pinkney has interests in polycystic ovarian syndrome and there are many clinical studies being carried out locally and nationally and most of the clinicians in the South-West are active researchers. National changes in inpatient diabetes management have been precipitated by innovative practices in Derriford Hospital and there is a large pituitary centre there.

The South West happens to be a rather nice place to live, so if you are looking for excellent training opportunities as well as a fantastic time then the Peninsula offers it all:

Annual Assessment Information

Trainees undertaking Higher Specialist Training are required to have an annual assessment (ARCP). Details of these assessments can be found within the assessment pages. By clicking on the your specialty you will find the requirements for your assessment. The checklists are by no means exhaustive and it is advised that you communicate with your Training Programme Director or Educational Supervisor for more detailed requirement information once you have been scheduled for an assessment Please use these checklists as a guide when preparing for your assessment. Its is your responsibility to check what is expected of you and prepare accordingly. The JRCPTB website is an invaluable source of assessment information.

The Training Hospitals

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Torbay Hospital (South Devon Healthcare Trust)

Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust

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