School Management

The Board of the South West Peninsula School of Postgraduate Medicine meets every 4 months and consists of :




Head of School - Chair


Dr Kathy Woolson

Associate Dean assigned to Medicine

  Dr Jon Francis
Education Programme Manager  

Naomi Mallinson

Education programme coordinator  


Training Programme Directors


Acute Medicine

Dr Chrissy Beasley


Dr David Sarkar

Care of the Elderly

Dr Sarah Blayney

Clinical Genetics (Peninsula)

Dr Charles Shaw-Smith

Clinical Oncology

Dr Jonathan Chambers 

Internal Medicine Training (IM Stage1)

Dr Katherine Mellor & Dr Julia Bell


Dr Emily McGrath

Diabetes & Endocrinology

Dr Chris Redford & Dr Nidhi Choudhary


Dr Louisa Vine 

Genito-Urinary Medicine

Dr Sophia Davies

Internal Medicine Stage 2 (formally GIM)

Dr Jonathan Hacon & Dr Emma Thomas


Dr Sam Burrows


Dr Clare Bethune

Medical Oncology

Dr Lara Gibbs


Dr Alex Shah

Occupational Health

Pending appt

Palliative Medicine

 Dr Becky Baines & Cate O'Neill

Renal Medicine 

Dr Karen Anderson

Respiratory Medicine

Dr David Waine & Dr Sarah Foster


Dr Susie Earl

College Tutors

Royal Cornwall Hospitals
NHS Trust

Dr Palanichamy Chellamuthu

Royal Devon & Exeter
NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Simon Patten, Dr Lindsay Jones, Dr Ben Dyer & Dr Rahul Potluri

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Bhu Katherisan & Dr John Corcoran

Northern Devon Healthcare
NHS Trust

Dr Dushen Tharmaratnam

South Devon Healthcare
NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Ryan Miller