Key Contacts

Training Programme Director for Core Medical Training: Dr Tim Howell (Based at Plymouth Hospital)

Head of School of Medicine: Dr Helen Waters

Associate Dean for Medicine: Dr Hiu Lam

Education programme manager: Naomi Mallinson

Education programme coordinator: Kayleigh Merry

Core Medical Training College Tutors

Dr Katherine Mellor (Torbay Hospital)
Dr Dushen Tharmaratnam (Barnstaple Hospital)
Dr Simon Patten (Exeter Hospital)
Dr Palanichamy Chellamuthu (Cornwall Hospital)
Dr John Corcoran & Dr Bhuvaneswari Kathiresan (Plymouth Hospital)

Core Medical Training - in A Trust

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trusts' CMT trainees have produced a document a about training in CMT at the Trust


Introduction to Core Medical Training

Core Medical Training rotations are all based in a single NHS Trust and you will stay in that same trust for the whole 2 years. The posts in these rotations are all appropriate to training in acute and general medicine together with some opportunities to gain experience in some of the specialties.

All involve a total of 6 x 4 month attachments Core Medical Training (CMT) occupies the Specialty Training years 1&2 (CT1-2) and aims to take trainees who have completed the Foundation Program (or have equivalent experience and qualifications) and train them in acute medicine and the medical specialties to reach level 1 competence.

CMT Regional Training Days 2020

The core medical training program holds several regional training days throughout the region, trainees are expected to attend at least two of these per training year. you will receive an email prior to the event inviting you to book your self a place on the event so you can attend. You will need to book study leave for these training days and it is recommended you book well in advance to ensure the time off.


 3rd March 2020 - North Devon Hospital, Barnstaple

Peninsula based PACES Courses 2020