Important Announcement from HEE about Broad Based Training

5th November 2015

The Broad Based Training National Recruitment Office regret to have to inform you that a decision has been taken by the HEE executive to cease recruitment to Broad Based Training with immediate effect.

Please see below for official statement from Health Education England:

‘Health Education England will not be recruiting to any further Broad Based Training posts when medical specialty recruitment opens on 11 November. Our principal priorities are to address any immediate workforce issues so that we can help the service and patients now and to expand the future workforce in priority areas so that we are delivering excellent healthcare and health improvement to patients and the public in England by providing the right staff in the right numbers with the right skills and behaviours at the right time and in the right place.

‘This means prioritising our investment decisions to focus on areas such as general practice, psychiatry and emergency medicine, for example, to meet the needs of patients both now and in the future and deliver the workforce changes demanded by the Five Year Forward View. We will not invest in a general expansion of postgraduate medical training posts overall, allowing us to focus on priority areas and patient need.

‘While we will not be investing in any further Broad Based Training posts, the detail around our overall investment in medical specialty training posts will be subject to discussions about our third annual Workforce Plan for England that will be presented to our Board in mid-December.’

This means you will not be able to apply to Broad Based Training for posts starting August 2016.

 For queries regarding the decision taken by HEE, please contact:


Contacts Severn 

Dr Louise Davis 

Nicola Snowden-Higgs

Contacts Peninsula

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Robbins


Current trainees and trainers

5th November 2015 update for current trainees

Current BBT trainees will receive an email via Prism to assure them that their training is and will continue to be recognised by the GMC in approved training programmes and that the process for choosing a specialty following BBT will remain in place, as will the e-portfolio and local clinical and administrative support structures. A similar message has been sent to all trainers.

Course outline

The trainees must have completed foundation training

The program has training in 4 specialties: GP, Medicine, Paediatrics and Psychiatry

The program consists of four 6 month posts with the trainees rotating through each specialty. During each specialty they also spend 10% of their time in one of the other specialty so that by the end of one year they have experienced each of the 4 specialties.

The trainees attend specialty teaching within each post, have reviews with their educational supervisors and also a regular BBT Specific Teaching Session. 

The training program has a curriculum devised by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges which can be found on the GMC website

After successful completion of the 2 years the trainee will enter at ST2 (or CT2) level, they are guaranteed this place and do not have to apply again. The choice of specialty should be submitted to the Programme Director after completion of the first year.

BBT has its own eportfolio PRISM which is managed by Health Education North West.

Career Pathway Options After BBT