ARCP DATE(S) 2019 



Date         2020 dates TBC


Trainees will be notified if they are due a PYA assessment.



Date        TBC




Key Contacts 

Dr Kathy Woolson - Training Programme Director 

Naomi Mallinson - Education Programme Manager 

Kayleigh Merry - Education Programme Coordinator


JRCPTB - General Internal Medicine and Assessment Page

The trainee's e-portfolio provides the evidence of progress through the specialty. It is the trainees responsibility to ensure that the documentary evidence is completed by the specified submission date. Trainees are advised to meet with their Educational Supervisor well in advance of the submission date. Trainees should note that any assessments completed two weeks after the submission date will not be counted towards their annual ARCP.

The Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) have developed a General Internal Medicine curriculum and assessment page which includes an ARCP Decision Aid, trainees are advised to review these pages to understand what is they must ensure is completed prior to the ARCP taking place. The JRCPTB have created Pre-ARCP check list for trainees to review with your educational supervisor prior to the ARCP for additional information and support.  



A new Educational Supervisor’s Report for General Internal Medicine (GIM) has been created on the ePortfolio.

All dual trainees are required to provide two Educational Supervisor’s Reports to inform their ARCPs and PYAs: one for their main specialty and one for GIM. Until now the same form has been used to complete both reports, and this is not well suited for giving an account of progress with training in GIM.

The GIM SAC has produced a new GIM Educational Supervisor’s Report that focuses on the requirements for training in GIM and which should be quick and easy to complete. This new GIM Educational Supervisor’s Report should now be completed for all trainees who are dual training in GIM. Please note that this does not apply retrospectively: GIM Educational Supervisor’s Reports submitted in the old format before 9 November 2018 will remain valid.


Penultimate Year Assessment (PYA)

Trainees undertaking a PYA in this year will be notified by Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education that this will be occurring. In addition to the ARCP Specialty pages there is a Generic PYA Page which trainees should read and follow the instructions to ensure a successful PYA.

curriculum, ARCP and PYA process

G(I)M Educational Supervisor Reports

 The SAC for GIM  now requires that for ARCP and PYA purposes, all trainees accrediting in GIM should have a separate ES report for the GIM component of their work.

This is required because the combined reports have tended to focus too much on the specialty and not enough on the GIM component, this makes assessment in GIM challenging.

The ES should hold a CCT in GIM and be involved in the ward based care of general medical patients. ( not necessarily on the GIM on call rota).

 E-Portfolio Document and certificate storage

 1. It would be very helpful if all trainees could file their ALS certificates in the certificates section of the portfolio so that they can be verified by the ES.  An enormous amount of time is wasted looking for these certificates and seeking retrospective verification.

2. The Firth calculator ( a spread sheet on the JRCPTB web site) that is used to record experience in Outpatients and patients seen on the GIM take should also be filed in the Certificates section so that it can be verified by the ES that the figures quoted have some face validity.



  • ALL trainees are required to ensure that their e-portfolio is up-to-date and finalised for the ARCP process TWO weeks prior to their assessment date, this includes all sign offs and most importantly a recent EDUCATIONAL SUPERVISORS REPORT is available.   
  • Educational Supervisor Feedback form (Two weeks prior to ARCP date). 
  • PYA trainees only - All paperwork has been submitted to the JRCPTB by their requested date for the External assessor to review.


Avoiding the pitfalls of an outcome 5 


The Training programme Director would like to offer the following pointers to help avoid unsatisfactory outcomes good engagement with this process (almost) guarantees no further GIM ARCP which may need to be face to face in Plymouth or Exeter!

  • Ensure educational supervisors of local faculty groups comment specifically on GIM performance and not just second CCT specialty
  • - Logbooks +/- Firth calculators of experience should be in library for review (anonymous data of course!), as should proof of attendance if not signed off by supervisors
  • - It is difficult but ensure there is supervisor sign off of competences commensurate with experience
  • - Use the GIM ARCP Decision aid in curriculum though it is not the easiest thing to read
  • - We will see how far through a GIM year you may be, or if in OOPE and assess it accordingly!
  • - ACATs are highly valued but ensure appropriate number of WBAs