You will have received an email confirming which date your ARCP will be on, if you require confirmation, please contact Kayleigh Merry or Naomi Mallinson.

Date 1: 19th May 2021

Deadline for Submission: 5th May 2021


Date 2: 26th May 2021

Deadline for Submission: 12th May 2021 

 Key Contacts 

Dr Kathy Woolson - Training Programme Director 

Naomi Mallinson - Education Programme Manager 

Education Programme Coordinator


ARCPs will be held virtually and you are not required to attend unless requested to do so by the Training Programme Director. You will be able to see your ARCP outcome on your e-portfolio once it has been taken out of draft.  


LINK to ARCP Guidance and Specialty Decision Aids  

·       JRCPTB -  




E-Portfolio Preparation.                                                                                                              

Trainees must ensure that their e-portfolio is up to date and meets the requirements of the decision aids for the grade and specialty being assessed. LTFT trainees will undertake an annual ARCP and must ensure that their assessments are maintained on a pro rata basis for the stage of training.  Trainees Dual accrediting with GIM will need to submit an educational report specific to each specialty.  


Educational Supervisor Reports 

You Must have Separate Educational Supervisors Report for GIM, even if your supervisor supervises you for both specialties.                                                                                                  

All trainees should ensure an Educational supervisor report is completed and taken out of draft on your e-portfolio, this applies to Full and Less than Full Time trainees.  

Trainees undertaking OOPs that their supervisors do not have access to their E- Portfolio must download and request their supervisors complete the attached form found at the following link. 

Trainees should then upload the completed report to their e-portfolio library clearly named so the panel can find it in your library.  



Trainees dual accrediting with GIM are NOT required to submit a second Form R, Part A for this specialty.

You will be required to upload and submit a separate Form R, Part B, IF your parent specialty, educational Supervisor, is different from your G(I)M Educational supervisor.

Attached is a link to the Form R for you to download.  

Part B must be submitted two weeks prior to your ARCP date (if applicable for G(I)M as outlined above)

(If Applicable) Part B of the form must be sent to your educational supervisor for G(I)M prior to your ES report being completed. A copy of part B must also be uploaded to your E-portfolio Library under a folder titled ARCP 2021 (G(I)M). 


Educational Supervisor Feedback Form G(I)M – Trainee Feedback  

Here is a link to the ES feedback form – Trainee Feedback 





Trainees MUST ensure their E-Portfolio is ARCP ready including supervisor’s reports (where applicable), Form Rs submitted to Kayleigh Merry and uploaded to their E-Portfolio Library Two weeks prior to the ARCP date listed at the top of this email. Please do not submit your Form R more than Two weeks prior to your ARCP to avoid an invalid submission. Failure to fulfil the requirements outlined for the ARCP could result in an unsatisfactory outcome being issued.  

If you having difficulty getting the requirements fulfilled by the deadline please contact your Training programme Director to discuss. 



The PYA process remains to be suspended for this year, however for all those trainees that are due to CCT within the next 18 months will be reviewed alongside PYA requirements to ensure trainees are reaching targets required for CCT.  



COVID ARCP outcomes will only be issued where warranted the standard ARCP outcomes will continue to be used if appropriate and in line with the Gold Guide ARCP information.



Avoiding the pitfalls of an outcome 5 


The Training programme Director would like to offer the following pointers to help avoid unsatisfactory outcomes good engagement with this process (almost) guarantees no further GIM ARCP which may need to be face to face in Plymouth or Exeter!

  • Ensure educational supervisors of local faculty groups comment specifically on GIM performance and not just second CCT specialty
  • - Logbooks +/- Firth calculators of experience should be in library for review (anonymous data of course!), as should proof of attendance if not signed off by supervisors
  • - It is difficult but ensure there is supervisor sign off of competences commensurate with experience
  • - Use the GIM ARCP Decision aid in curriculum though it is not the easiest thing to read
  • - We will see how far through a GIM year you may be, or if in OOPE and assess it accordingly!
  • - ACATs are highly valued but ensure appropriate number of WBAs