ARCP Date: Week commencing 8th January 2024

Deadline for submission of Form R, E-Portfolio readiness including ES report(s) is 30th December 


Key Contacts 

Dr Julia Bell - Training Programme Director 

Dr Katherine Mellor - Training programme Director

Naomi Mallinson - Education Programme Manager 



ARCPs will be held virtually, and you are not required to attend unless requested to do so by the Training Programme Director. You will be able to see your ARCP outcome on your e-portfolio once it has been taken out of draft.

 LINKS to ARCP Guidance and Specialty Decision Aids & Form R



All trainees holding an NTN/DRN must submit an Annual Form R this includes Drs In Training on Maternity, Sick Leave or OOP in addition to trainees in programme.  

Completing the Form R 

Your form R, parts A & B must now be complete via the Trainee Information System (TIS) – Self Service

How to use the system: 

To help get you started we have set out some key information you will need to get you up and running. You will need to set up an account in TSS by following the below sign-up process. You will only need to do this once for the initial set up. Please use the email address you received this communication on to sign up. 

Once you access the system you will need to submit your Form R using the digital Form R, included as a core part of TSS. Please note that you will no longer submit Form R's outside TSS.

Sign up process: 

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Sign-up using the email address we contacted you on.  
  3. Complete and submit your Form R Parts A and B.   


There is a special built-in support tab which has been made available to help you connect with your regional HEE offices if you encounter any issues. The support page also gives you the email address for your HEE local Office. If you need more information on the TIS Self Service system, please see our website 

When completed, the Form R, Part B must be downloaded from the TIS system and sent to your educational supervisor prior to your ES report being completed (Not applicable to trainees on MAT or Sick leave and may not be relevant to some trainees on OOPR/OOPE). A copy of the downloaded part B must also be uploaded to your E-portfolio Library under a folder titled ARCP 2023.  

Please do not submit your Form R parts A & B on TIS more than Two weeks’ prior to the ARCP date. 

Wider Scope of Practice Form - Not on TIS  

Wider Scope of Practice form should be completed for each role you undertake in your capacity as registered medical practitioner outside of your training, and for which you do not have an appraisal. Examples include locum work carried out in another organisation/specialty; editor of a medical journal; section 12 duties (for doctors in training in Psychiatry); medical cover at sporting events, teaching e.g., ATLS. All such roles should also be declared in the Scope of Practice section of the Form R. 

The Wider Scope of Practice should be uploaded to your portfolio by the above deadline:


If you having difficulty getting the requirements fulfilled by the deadline, please contact your Training programme Director to discuss. 

E-Portfolio Preparation:                                                                                                              

Trainees must ensure that their e-portfolio is up to date and meets the requirements of the decision aids for the grade and specialty being assessed. LTFT trainees will undertake an annual ARCP and must ensure that their assessments are maintained on a pro rata basis for the stage of training.  

Educational Supervisor Reports  

All Drs in Training having an ARCP must have an educational supervisor’s report. You are asked to book a meeting with your educational supervisor in advance of your ARCP. The ES report must be taken out of draft by the ARCP submission deadline.   

Drs in Training undertaking OOPs that their supervisors do not have access to their E- Portfolio must download and request their supervisors complete the attached form found at the following link.  Drs in Training should then upload the completed report to their e-portfolio library clearly named so the panel can find it in your library.  

Academic Drs in Training:

Drs in Training on an academic training programme need to ask their Academic Educational Supervisor to complete the NIHR Academic supervisors report NOT the Academic supervisors report on the e-portfolio. Below is a link to the Academic ARCP process which includes the forms you need to complete for PDP and the report you need to complete and sign with your Academic supervisor. You will then need to submit this form to your allocated external academic advisor to complete the remaining section then upload the completed report to your eportfolio personal library where it can be reviewed by the ARCP panel on the day of the ARCP.